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Alex Tweddle is a multi-award winning film and television producer and documentary filmmaker. He was born in Carlisle, in the North of England. He attended The London Film School where he studied all aspects of filmmaking. He is a PRINCE2 Practitioner and HEAT certified to operate in hostile environments and has worked in some of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Alex has been making what industry colleagues describe as exciting, innovative, high quality films for over 25 years. His work is often daring, edgy, distinctive filmmaking that pushes boundaries both in subject matter and content. He aims to make films that not only entertain but inform and show us a different perspective on life, society and even ourselves.

His films have been in-competition at over 140 international film festivals and have won over 48 awards including best film, director, social impact, message, sound, music and editing to name but a few. Alex has had the privilege of working with some of the best actors and technicians the industry has to offer.


"In my estimation Alex is a remarkable filmmaker. I have been a Screenwriter & Feature Director both here and in America for some forty years and I would suggest there is a real talent in this man"

Robert Fuest
Screenwriter and Feature Film Director

"Hey Alex, your making a difference to people's lives, keep believing that my friend"

Sameem Ali

Best Selling Author - 'Belonging'

"Alex's films perform a valuable service in helping us to better understand the workings of the world"

Philip Brown

Documentary Programme Manager, The Frontline Club

"Angry Man Pictures have been a joy to work with, professional, with a terrific eye for detail. Alex Tweddle knows a good story and how to tell it"


Sam Burton

Executive Producer - Screen East

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