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Two brothers, one a child genius are reunited after the death of their parents. Over the course of one night, revelations about their past lives are revealed with shocking consequences for both of them.


An original television series. When the Secret Intelligence Service discovers a mole is betraying deadly secrets to the enemy, it assigns its best agent to investigate. But what if this spy hides a shocking secret of his own, and the investigator becomes the investigated? Based on the story of real-life British master spy Kim Philby, the inspiration behind James Bond, this riveting mini-series is a thrilling and timely adventure blending espionage, politics, love and betrayal. Written by Frank Thurmond from his book Ring of Five: A Novella and Four Stories.

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A feature film. After the tragic death of her husband, Lisa takes her two children Catherine and Nancy to stay with her eccentric mother-in-law on the coast. What follows will change their lives forever, as each comes to terms with what happened that tragic day. Lisa searches for clues to what actually happened, was it a mere accident or suicide? Nancy becoming to the outside world catatonic and Catherine seeks solace in the nature that surrounds her. As each of their journeys moves them towards redemption, will they once again be reunited as a family or remain divided?


Unspeakably Wonderful is a feature film about two men who hate each other but made one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.


A documentary feature. The next time you look at a poster or watch a TV commercial that depicts dying children in the Third World, before donating to a charity, ask yourself one question: Where does all my money go? 


Longwood is a dark comedy feature film about an arrogant infomercial producer who faces bankruptcy, losing his wife and his status, so he tries to restore order by developing an infomercial that teaches men how to win back their exes.

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Why Music is a series that follows one of the UK’s most acclaimed musicians as he takes us on a sensory musical voyage across the British Isles, seeking to answer the fundamental questions that explains why music is a universal means of human expression.

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