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Hey Alex, your making a difference to people's lives, keep believing that my friend.

Sameem Ali

Author - 'Belonging'

Surviving Burkitts is a very impressive study about the impact of illness and fight against it from an international perspective. The greatest strength of the film is the care the filmmakers take when representing the children. A film focusing on such a difficult topic has the potential to be exploitative, but Surviving Burkitts tells the children's stories respectfully and thoughtfully, raising awareness for their struggle. The main contributor is an incredibly strong presence and her love for her son and the children around her drive the film. The filmmakers' commitment to telling the story with their contributors rather than about them is clear and it makes this film a unique piece of work that will remain relevant for decades to come.

For me, that mark of a successful documentary is its ability to raise awareness and to better the lives of contributors or others struggling in similar situations - Burkitts is more than successful on both fronts, with its enduring legacy as proof. 

Elena Dirstaru

Festival Director

Essex Doc Fest


Alex Tweddle's short film Alan’s Story, originally conceived as the central part of a trilogy, is a stylish exploration of the alienation of a teenage boy constantly in trouble at home, at school and with the police.

Fiona Morrow

Time Out

A technically impeccable documentary with outstanding cinematography and editing. 'Honour Me' offers an unusually sensitive and personal view of a rarely told, but unfortunately not rarely experienced situation, in an incredibly courageous testimony by a strong woman documented in a most honest and captivating way by an excellent filmmaker.

Nina Rodríguez

Directora de Programación

Expresion En Corto International Film Festival

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful film, "Honour Me" with the world. We are truly honoured and grateful for the opportunity to showcase this inspiring film in our current festival. Thank you.

Kate Lotz

Culture Unplugged Studios (India, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia)

"Promote films, promote consciousness"

Honour Me is a powerful and incredibly moving film. Alex Tweddle's film steers clear of sentimentality and cliche to deliver a revealing story with tenderness and delicacy.

Claire Wilford, Press and PR Manager

Cambridge International Film Festival

In my estimation Alex is a remarkable filmmaker. I have been a screenwriter and feature director both here and in America for some forty years and I would suggest there is a real talent in this man.

Robert Fuest

Screenwriter and Feature Director

I've worked with Alex on two public screenings and have found his films to be penetrating, informative and offering real insights into stories that go beyond the mainstream. I admire the work that Alex undertakes and believe that they perform a valuable service in helping us to better understand the workings of the world.

Phil Brown

The Frontline Club - Documentary Programme Manager

A remarkable documentary and journalism

Bob Catterall


Academic journal CITY (Distributed in bookshops in the UK and USA

Surviving Burkitts is a powerful and quite extraordinary documentary. Prof Molyneux comes over as a remarkable doctor and human being. The humanity just pours out of her. I hope that it is seen by tons of people. It certainly deserves to. It is informative, poetic, and profoundly moving. It will stay with me for a long time.

Ruth Caleb O.B.E

Executive Producer for BBC Television Acting Head of BBC Drama Group 1996   Head of BBC Drama 1992 – 1995

Surviving Bukitts is a credit to all the people who have died, fell ill or are suffering from Burkitt's cancer.  At times it made me happy, sometimes sad and at one point I wanted to cry.

Charlie Killick  

The Citizen Herald

The way you use a camera is so exciting; you are a true visual artist and in this case, you chose two remarkable women to be your focus. There were no talking heads in this brief masterpiece.

Pat Silver-Lasky (Mrs. Jesse L. Lasky, Jr)

Author, script consultant and lecturer. Writers Guild of Great Britain, Writers Guild of America, American Society of Authors & BAFTA

Surviving Burkitts is a vitally important, moving and thoroughly unsentimental documentary. We meet the key characters, get to know them and how much they care, the passion that drives the doctor and nursing staff, the plight of the people.  It must get the widest possible television audience.....and soon.

Graham Benson

Chairman, Blue Heaven Productions 

Chairman, Screen South

Executive Producer, BBC


I have worked with Alex on a number of projects and have found his work to be outstanding.  No one takes his work more seriously. He has demonstrated a highly developed filmic story sense and a rare understanding of the human condition in the art of storytelling for the film medium. Alex is extremely personable and diligent. His work shows a fine aptitude for the visual medium.

Pat Silver-Lasky (Mrs. Jesse L. Lasky, Jr)

Author, Script Consultant and lecturer. Writers Guild of Great Britain, Writers Guild of America, American Society of Authors & BAFTA


Alex was a joy to work with, professional, with a terrific eye for detail. Alex knows a good story and how to tell it.

Sam Burton

Executive Producer - Screen East


Alex Tweddle is focusing his camera and attention into the most cruel aspects of African society. And in doing so he and his team are revealing the unseen, forgotten pieces of this complex puzzle that is the human condition.  As Yilmaz Guney, the author of ‘Yol’ once wrote “Cinema is a weapon to fight against the darkness.

Alexis de Vilar

International award winning photographer / Journalist / Author / Screenwriter


I watched and was deeply moved by your Congo children story. I thought you captured very well their vulnerability and wove in the venality of the exploitative exorcising pastors. What an achievement. Well done. To have been able to film in such circumstances cannot have been easy.

Tim Butcher

Journalist, Broadcaster, Author - Blood River, Chasing the Devil


A delightful, diminutive documentary, Wolfie is an R&B harmonica player beloved of the North London pub scene and here we are given a surprisingly illuminating window on his life and work.  Tweddle & Rochon play with conventional form, successfully adding a whimsical feel to what is an affectionate and subtle film.

Fiona Morrow

Time Out


I saw Surviving Burkitts today, it is very touching and really well done.  My congratulations to you and your entire team on this great achievement.  Well done and keep up your good work.

Dr Yusuf K Hamied

Director - Cipla Ltd


Just an unsolicited message of congratulations (to you all).  I thought that Surviving Burkitts was brilliant in every respect, and very moving.  It deserves the widest possible exposure.

Anthony Butterworth

AE Butterworth, BA, MA, MB, BChir, PhD, FRS

Honorary Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Honorary Professor, College of Medicine, University of Malawi


Well done for producing such a sympathetic and visually inspiring film.   I have given several copies to people who have spoken very enthusiastically about it.  Very many congratulations.

Elizabeth Molyneux OBE, FRCP, FRCPCH, FRCPCH (Hons), FCEM

Professor of Paediatrics - Queen Elizabeth College of Medicine, Malawi

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